Comrade Will Goes to England

CW heads across the Atlantic for his next adventure: 10 days in England doing three things he loves: visiting family and friends, riding trains, and walking around unfamiliar places.

The Atlantic published an In Focus feature yesterday with fifty photographs of the Tiananmen Protests of 1986 and the crackdown by police. Looking at each photo in turn, I felt incredibly moved by the spirit of freedom and sacrifice the protesters held in their hearts and minds, which continues to sound from these photos, 23 years years after the protest was suppressed. These men and women, many younger than I am, and the citizens of Beijing who supported them, were willing to sacrifice everything for what they believed in. In one photo, a sign worn by a hunger striker reads: “My life is yours, my love is yours.”

(Above: “Goddess of Democracy”, a 10-meter-tall statue erected by art students on May 30, 1989.)

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